VittEr Design presents a preview of the POP collection designed by Basaglia + Rota Nodari /

VittEr Design® is the brand founded in 2020 by Filippi 1971, a company with 50 years of history in the furniture industry and an ambitious project in its drawer: to create a reality dedicated to giving maximum expression to VittEr®, the new-generation compact laminate, formaldehyde-free and antibacterial, 100% Italian, created by the company’s own research and development team.

Vitter® is therefore the nerve centre of the brand, which is moulded into the first POP collection, born of the creativity and experience of the Basaglia+Rota Nodari studio, of which we are showing you a preview while waiting for the full launch at the beginning of 2021.

A line made up of universal objects such as tables, stools, benches, bookcases and consoles that represent a new perspective for furniture and for the material itself, freed from the functional theme to reach the stylistic one.

Plastic and sinuous forms taken from memory characterise and give an immediate charm to POP, which focuses on rhythmic design and the energy of colour, underlined by the particularity of the “all colour” material, or on the contrary, in ethereal and pure total white.

As architects Basaglia + Rota Nodari say: “VittEr Design® is a game, an assembly of sheets of colour cut out and reassembled in space, in which the “micro” stratification of the sheets that make up the material is reproposed in the “macro” layers that make up the furnishings and create three-dimensional figures starting from two-dimensional planes. VittEr Design® looks back at the cultural experiences of the 1980s”, the architects continue, “but reinterprets them with the eyes of the present, exploiting the technical characteristics of the material to transform them into a simple, direct expressive language”.

An “intelligent” collection for the connection between material and finished product, for its ability to narrate spaces, both residential and contract, and for its sustainability: VittEr® is completely recyclable, renewable and eco-sustainable (it is produced with FSC-certified cellulose-based papers and without the use of resins or additional glues).

“Pop is the expression of the full potential of our exclusive VittEr®” explains Francesca Filippi, Project Manager VittEr Design®, who adds: “furnishing elements that shape and interpret a resistant, ecological, customisable and surprisingly versatile material. Small works of industrial carpentry that represent the attention to detail and production processes typical of Made in Italy, of which our company is an enthusiastic spokesman”.

With this preview, we want to start telling you about the lively world of VittEr Design®, the originality of its furnishings and show you the infinite possibilities of working with its exclusive material.

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