VittEr Design ® by Filippi 1971 presenta POP/KIDS’ /

Iconic collection of children’s furniture designed by Basaglia + Rota Nodari

VittEr Design®, brand of the Filippi 1971 company, declines in Kids’ version its first POP furniture collection, designed by architects Basaglia + Rota Nodari.
Coffee tables, stools, coat hangers, bookcases and benches are transformed to adapt to the needs of children, to create a stimulating and safe environment where they can express themselves and play.

POP/Kids’ is entirely made of VittEr®, an innovative and eco-sustainable material that looks to the future: a completely recyclable and renewable compact laminate, produced in Italy with materials from a very short certified production chain, without the use of resins or additional glues; VittEr® is also formaldehyde-free and has antibacterial properties.
The VittEr Design® Kids’ range combines the main characteristics of scratch resistance, non-toxicity and ease of maintenance of VittEr® materials with the sinuosity of the POP collection, i.e. the total absence of sharp edges and the harmony of lines. Because to play is to educate… also to beauty!

POP/Kids’ is the expression of the dialogue between material, aesthetics and functionality: an iconic and contemporary collection, defined by plastic shapes and a rhythmic design able to capture and stimulate attention and imagination, in the energetic language of the new generations.

The Taulì coffee tables, the Beta Kids stools, the Pancake bookcase and bench system, together with the Ringer coat racks, are highly creative accessories that are immediately recognisable.

Architects Basaglia + Rota Nodari took on the stimulating challenge of shaping and giving value to VittEr’s many performances with a collection for children.
“The POP collection,” they explain, “looks back to the cultural experiences of the 1980s, but reinterprets them with the eyes of the present, exploiting the technical characteristics of the material to transform them into a simple, direct expressive language that is also well suited to the needs and tastes of a very young audience”.

Francesca Filippi, Project Manager VittEr Design®, adds: “The POP/Kids’ collection is the natural declination of POP and of the perfect understanding with Basaglia + Rota Nodari, who assisted us in developing the material’s potential in the best possible way also in this new Kids’ line, which is perfectly suited to the needs of children’s spaces”.

Satisfaction for this collection also in the words of Salvatore Filippi, CEO Filippi 1971, parent company of the VittEr Design® brand, who underlines: “This range of industrial design products achieves the objective of showing the versatility of VittEr®: we are open to new developments of the material both in terms of product creativity and application performance in public and private spaces”.

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